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Forget Silicon Valley, there’s a new tech haven rising in the heart of Pakistan – Silicon Village, nestled within the ambitious Capital Smart City project. This isn’t just a housing development; it’s a blueprint for a future powered by cutting-edge tech and entrepreneurial spirit.

Silicon Village is the latest addition to the Capital Smart City of Pakistan. Located close to Islamabad, the Capital Smart City is the first-ever smart city in Pakistan. Moving towards completion exuberantly, the smart city will be home to over 1 million people. A plan as promising as the Silicon Village within the Smart City marks CSC (Capital Smart City) as home-to-be to several high-tech businesses and research institutions.

What Is Silicon Village?

Silicon Village is a dedicated technology hub that will be home to several startups, tech companies, and research institutions. The village will have its infrastructure, including high-speed internet, co-working spaces, and incubators.

Silicon Village doesn’t believe in walls; it embraces bridges. Collaboration with international experts and partnerships with renowned institutions will be actively encouraged, creating a truly global tech scene. This open and inclusive approach will foster cross-cultural exchange of ideas and accelerate innovation, propelling Silicon Village Islamabad onto the world stage.


Silicon Village is more than just a physical space; it’s a symbol of Pakistan’s potential to be a leader in the global tech revolution. It’s a beacon of hope, a testament to the nation’s innovative spirit and boundless possibilities. This project stands as an invitation to tech enthusiasts, investors, and anyone who believes in the power of human ingenuity to join the journey. Silicon Village Islamabad is where the future is being built, one line of code and one groundbreaking idea at a time.

Silicon Village Location:

Silicon Village is located at the midpoint along the main spine of the Capital Smart City township. Covering an area of 300 acres and well served by transport and green network, is this Silicon Village. To the north and south of the site are residential developments while to the west are present the institutional facilities. To the east is the central business district.

Silicon Village offers great connectivity with the M2 Motorway and Islamabad International Airport through red line metro bus service. It will also be connected with GT Road through the blue line.

The Vision of Silicon Village:

Silicon Village is expected to create thousands of jobs in the tech sector and will help to boost Pakistan’s economy. The village will also attract foreign investment and will help to put Pakistan on the map as a tech destination.
In addition to its economic benefits, Silicon Village will also have several social benefits. The village will provide affordable housing, high-quality education, and world-class healthcare. It will also be a green city, with a focus on sustainability. It envisions developing a one-of-a-kind technology park and enabling an environment to foster innovation, collaboration, and growth for local and global tech companies and enterprises.

Is Silicon Village a valuable addition to the Capital Smart City?

Silicon Village is of great value for many reasons. First, it will help to create jobs and boost Pakistan’s economy. Second, it will attract foreign investment and put Pakistan on the map as a tech destination. Third, it will provide affordable housing, high-quality education, and world-class healthcare. Finally, it will be a green city, with a focus on sustainability.



Silicon Village is an ambitious project that has the potential to transform Pakistan’s economy and society. The village is still under development, but it is already attracting a lot of interest from around the world. If you are interested in learning more about Smart Cities of Pakistan, I encourage you to follow us on social media and also visit Capital Smart City and Lahore Smart City pages.

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