Name: One Capital Residences

Location: Capital Smart City Islamabad


A world of unparalleled luxury and comfort where every moment feels extraordinary is One Capital Residencies. Located within the Capital Smart City in Islamabad, One Capital Residences redefines the art of modern living that offers a lifestyle second to none.

Capital Smart City, a project launched on 6th October 2019 in Islamabad, is a revolutionary project. Nestled in the quaint surroundings of Islamabad, the Capital Smart City aims to redefine urban living by incorporating the latest technological and eco-friendly practices and offering a perfect blend of convenience, sustainability, and luxury. With a fusion of optimized efficiency and functionality, Capital Smart City reflects its vision of an ultimate living lifestyle.

 Introducing a project like One Residences, the Capital Smart City further enhances its motive of a Smart City with a perfect blend of residential, commercial, and tourism spots.

One Capital Residencies - The Introduction to Smart Apartments:

After introducing several residential and commercial blocks in the Capital Smart City, the developers have introduced Smart Apartments in Capital Smart City Islamabad. Known by the name One Capital Residences, these apartments aim to provide its residents with a lifestyle that is as luxurious as any other block.

One Capital Residences Owners and Developers:

One Capital Residences is a project owned and developed by competent companies like Habib Rafiq Pvt. Limited (HRL)Future Developments Holdings Pvt. Limited (FDHL) and Arquivio Architects. The project speaks for the specialist approach these companies have. These well-known names in the industry are also the developers of several sought-after projects. 

Habib Rafiq Pvt. Limited (HRL):

Habib Rafiq (Pvt.) Limited is a prominent name in the real estate of Pakistan. Established in 1962, this construction company has come a long way and has proven its capability through its pre-eminent works. Successful in meeting the requirements of its clients Habib Rafiq Pvt. Limited (HRL) has always lived up to their expectations. Be it reaching the stringent, demanding, or extraordinary work requirements, Habib Rafiq (Pvt.) Limited manages to deal with them all. Taking control of national and international projects, the company has always done an exceptional job.

The Habib Rafiq Pvt. Limited (HRL) has also successfully launched its other housing societies in Sargodha, Multan, and Sahiwal by the names of Royal Orchard Sargodha, Royal Orchard Multan, and Royal Orchard Sahiwal. In addition, the company has also played a significant role in the development of various projects like Bahria Town and DHA Islamabad. 

Future Developments Holdings Pvt. Limited (FDHL):

One of the top developers in Pakistan is Future Developments Holdings Pvt. Limited (FDHL). After an association of companies registered under the Companies Ordinance 1984, Future Developments Holdings (Pvt.) Limited came into being. Future Developments Holdings (Pvt.) Limited is a fusion of two major firms, China Liaoning International Economic Technical Cooperation Group Pvt. Limited (CLIC) and Engineering Dimensions Pvt. Limited (EDL).

Developing state-of-the-art residential and modern zones, Future Development Holdings (Pvt.) Limited has managed to deliver the best in the real estate sector.

Aiming to make its Smart Cities, Capital, and Lahore Smart City the center of entertainment, hospitality, and tourism, the company is moving swiftly towards its goal.


Arquivo Architects:

A prize-winning, Madrid-based architectural company is Arquivio Architects. Founded by Ph. architect Daniel Fraile and architect Juanjo Soria in 1999, the company now works in several countries. Working on from small to now large scale projects, Arquivo Architects has direct partnerships in Dubai, Doha, Riyadh, Cameroun, Equatorial Guinea, Ivory Coast, and Lithuania. Be it urban designing, landscaping, architecture, interior designing, lighting designing, or graphic designing, Arquivo Architects aims to deliver its best in all aspects.

Arquivio Architects is known for its innovative and sustainable designs. The firm has won numerous awards for its work, including the World Architecture Festival Award for Best Future Project in 2019 for its design of the Aljada mixed-use development in Sharjah, UAE.

 The firm has worked closely with the developers to create a community like One Capital Residencies that is both luxurious and sustainable. One Capital Residences is to be a landmark development in Islamabad and a testament to Arquivio Architects’ commitment to excellence.

Location of One Capital Residencies:

Situated at a prime location in Capital Smart City Islamabad, the project is close to the 120-foot-wide Main Boulevard of the Capital Smart City. The One Capital Residences will also be approachable from the M2 Motorway after the dedicated interchange of Capital Smart City is established. Moreover, the vicinity of Rawalpindi Ring Road will also enhance the value of the project. Thus, the One Capital Residences is at an ideal location. 

One Capital Residences is a great investment opportunity for those looking for a luxurious and modern place to live. The project is located in a prime location and offers a wide range of amenities. Reputable developers developed this project. Therefore, one can be sure that the project will meet the highest standards possible.

One Capital Residences NOC Approved:

Approved by RDA (Rawalpindi Development Authority), One Capital Residences has received its NOC (No Objection Certificate). Making the project legal, One Capital Residences has all the permissions a project requires from the government. This is great news for investors, as their investment is safe and secure.

One Capital Residences Master Plan:

One Capital Residences is a multi-purpose project and a mixed-use development with residential apartments, commercial areas, and office spaces. The master plan of One Capital Residences was designed by Arquivio Architects, an award-winning architecture firm. The plan is designed to create a modern and sustainable community with all the essential amenities and facilities.

The project is spread over 287 Kanals, of which 30% will be dedicated to residential apartments and commercial areas. The remaining 70% of the area will be open spaces, including parks, gardens, and walkways.

One Capital Residences will offer a variety of apartment sizes, including studio apartments, 1-bed apartments, 2-bed apartments, 3-bed apartments, and 2, 3, and 4-bed duplex apartments. The apartments will be designed with modern amenities and finishes. In addition to residential apartments, One Capital Residences will offer commercial areas and office spaces. The commercial areas will include shops, restaurants, cafes, and other businesses. The office spaces meet the needs of modern businesses.

Residential Towers in One Capital Residences:

The planned Residential Towers in One Capital Residences will each have 30 floors and offer a variety of apartment sizes, including studio, 1, 2, 3, and 4-bedroom apartments. The towers will also have several amenities, including a rooftop infinity pool, a fitness center, a spa, and a children’s play area.

These residential towers in One Capital Residences are designed to be luxurious and sustainable. They feature energy-efficient appliances and are also equipped with solar panels to generate renewable energy. The towers will have several green features, such as rainwater harvesting systems and green roofs. These towers are namely:

  1. Jade Tower
  2. Oleander Tower
  3. Daisy Tower
  4. Emerald Tower

One Capital Residences will be a landmark development in Islamabad, and its residential towers are sure to be a popular choice for homeowners and investors.

One Capital Residences Payment Plan:

One Residencies understands that each potential homeowner comes with unique financial circumstances and preferences. Hence, it has tailored its payment plans to cater to various needs, ensuring that owning a home in this prestigious development is not only desirable but also feasible for all.

One of the standout features of the payment plans offered by One Residencies is the option for installment payments. With this approach, buyers can spread the cost of their property over a predefined period, making it more manageable and budget-friendly. Whether one is a first-time buyer or an experienced investor, this flexibility can significantly ease the financial burden associated with property acquisition.

Following are the available payment plans of the towers while the other plans are awaited impatiently by the investors to be released by authorities:

one capital residences payment plan-min

Salient Features Of One Capital Residences:

One Capital Residences aims to be a modern, sustainable, and innovative housing project with various features. It therefore offers several unique features such as:

  1. Well-maintained spaces
  2. Eco-friendly environment
  3. High-speed internet
  4. Advanced gadgets
  5. Conference halls
  6. Restaurants
  7. Food courts
  8. Coffee shops
  9. Retail shops
  10. Supermarkets
  11. Wellness centers

Why Invest In One Capital Residences?

One Capital Residences is an investment opportunity for people who plan to secure a place in the futuristic Capital Smart City. Located at an ideal location in the Capital Smart City, One Residences has already attracted several clients. There are many reasons why investors should consider investing in One Capital Residences. Here are a few key reasons:

  • Approved Project: One Capital Residences is an approved project, which means it is legal and has all the necessary permissions from the government. It is beneficial for investors, as their investment is safe and secure.
  • Prime Location: One Capital Residences is in a prime location in Islamabad, Pakistan. The project is close to the airport, major highways, and other amenities, making it a very attractive investment for local and international investors.
  • Smart City Features: One Capital Residences is designed to be part of the Capital Smart City community, with features like facial recognition security, smart parking, and renewable energy. 
  • World-Class Amenities: One Capital Residences will have several world-class amenities, including a crystal lake, rooftop infinity pools, and helipads. 
  • High Investment Potential: One Capital Residences will have a high investment potential. Located in a prime location and having several unique features, it will attract people willing to generate good returns.


One Capital Residences are Smart Apartments, located within the Capital Smart City. They undoubtedly will play a great role in enhancing the “Smart” trait of the Capital Smart City Project. Smart living is the future of the world. Thus, investing in this project and securing your place is a great idea. 

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