Lahore Smart City Plots

Plots Block For Details Contact Last Updated
5 Marla EXE 2 Sec F Boundary Road Plot # 115 033-111-111-62 22-05-2024 “FA”
5 Marla EXE 2 Sec F Road#1 Plot# 3 033-111-111-62 22-05-2024 “FA”
5 Marla EXE 2 Sec F St#34 Plot # 39 033-111-111-62 22-05-2024 “FA”
5 Marla OVS 2 Sec F St#13 Plot# 33 033-111-111-62 22-05-2024 “FA”
5 Marla OVS 2 Sec I St#13 Plot# 11 033-111-111-62 22-05-2024 “AH”
7 Marla Ovs 2 Sec H St#2 Plot #10 033-111-111-62 22-05-2024 “AH”
12 Marla OVS 2 Sec J St#13 Plot #8 033-111-111-62 22-05-2024 “AH”

Lahore Smart City Commercial Plots For Sale

Plot Size Block For Details Contact Last Updated
8 Marla Overseas 1 Sector A Driveway #3 Next to corner 033-111-111-62 14-05-2024 "FA"
4 Marla Overseas 1 Sector B Driveway #2 Plot 033-111-111-62 14-05-2024 "AH"
4 Marla Overseas Prime Sector A Driveway #4 Plot 38 033-111-111-62 14-05-2024 "AL"

Lahore Smart City

Lahore Smart City – a project on the Lahore Bypass – brings about great investment opportunities. Especially now that JR Property is here to update you about the Lahore Smart City Plots currently available, you will indeed come across a spot-on latitude.

Lahore Smart City is a project brought into existence by no other than the famous Habib Rafiq Pvt. Limited (HRL) and Future Developments Holdings Pvt. Limited (FDHL). After a lot of devoted efforts, the project has now become the talk of the town, attracting numerous investors and first-time home buyers. Designed by the well-known Surbana Jurong, the exemplary design adds value to the eminence of the project. The flexible Payment Plans launched by the society developers further amplify the importance of this project. 

Lifestyle In Lahore Smart City:

Lahore Smart City is not just a society but a lifestyle. The residential, commercial, and recreational spaces and technology Lahore Smart City holds within make it a complete city. It has all the facilities and amenities for a prestigious lifestyle. Moreover, the location and accessibility of the project are other factors that add to the appreciation of the place. It would not be wrong to state that the list goes on. Lahore Smart City is home to several strategically named blocks like the Overseas and Executive Blocks. Some were deliberately confined to the Overseas residing Pakistanis, while some were for the middle class of Pakistan. You can learn more on our Lahore Smart City page.

Lahore Smart City Plots:

Reportedly, the project is visited by thousands of people daily. Out of these, a colossal number are the future residents of the Lahore Smart City. Figuring out all the plots available and which option suits you can be a hectic task. Thus, JR Property is making buying and selling processes more facile than ever. We are here with an updated list of available plots in Lahore Smart City. This page provides the location and details of plots in the Lahore Smart City. The plot sizes vary from Residential to Commercial and 3.5 Marla to 1 and 2 Kanals. Hence, contact and inform JR Property of your preferences, and we will suggest the best options available. If you want to either buy or sell, let JR Property know your concerns, and we shall guide you in the best ways possible. With contact numbers provided with every plot in the table (to keep in touch), we are just a few clicks away. 

Make sure to hit up our diligent staff at JR Property for further information.

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