Lahore Smart City Cricket Ground and Sector Mosques


Lahore Smart City is an innovative and ambitious project that aims to transform Lahore, the cultural capital of Pakistan, into a technologically advanced and sustainable urban hub. It is an exemplary initiative that demonstrates Pakistan’s commitment to embrace Smart City Concepts and utilize modern technologies, to improve the quality of life for its residents. This blog specifically discusses the Lahore Smart City Cricket Ground and Sector Mosques.

Lahore Smart City Cricket Ground:

Located on the outskirts of Lahore, Lahore Smart City spans thousands of acres. It is one of the largest smart cities in the region. The project was developed after the collaboration between leading national and international partners. The most talked about cricket ground was made after bringing together expertise from various fields to create a futuristic urban environment. The Cricket Ground in Lahore Smart City is a world-class facility designed to host international cricket matches and provide a platform for local cricket. In addition, this state-of-the-art ground is equipped with the latest technology and facilities, making it one of the best cricket grounds in the region.

Cricket Ground Features:

The Cricket Ground in Lahore Smart City features a large seating capacity, ensuring that numerous people can enjoy live matches in comfort. The ground is equipped with a range of modern facilities including locker rooms, press boxes, and player lounges that players and officials need.
In addition to hosting international cricket matches, the Cricket Ground in Lahore Smart City provides a platform for local cricket talent. It offers opportunities for young players to showcase their talent and skills and to develop their careers. A variety of cricket events can take place on this ground. These include national and international matches, as well as local and regional tournaments.
This Cricket Ground in Lahore Smart City is a symbol of the city’s commitment to promoting sports and providing top-class facilities for athletes and fans alike. Whether you’re a cricket fan or a player, this ground is the perfect place to experience the excitement and thrill of the sport.

Lahore Smart City Cricket Ground

Lahore Smart City Mosques (Sector A & B):

The Mosque is a place of worship and contemplation and serves the spiritual needs of the community. Hence, the Capital Smart City Mosques are beautiful and equipped with modern facilities. And offering residents a peaceful and serene environment to perform their religious duties.

Lahore Smart City Mosques (Sector A & B)

Mosque Features:

The Mosque in Lahore Smart City has state-of-the-art technology. These Mosques are fully equipped. There are audio systems, lighting systems, and air conditioning installed in the places of worship. Moreover, the developers have ensured that worshipers can perform their religious duties in comfort and peace. The Mosques of sectors A and B also feature spacious prayer halls, washrooms, and other facilities. These provide a convenient and accessible environment for worship.


Lahore Smart City has all the amenities. These include the above discussed Lahore Smart City Cricket Ground and Mosques, along with many more. For a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle, this Smart City is the right place to invest. Capital Smart City is indeed not just a society but a living experience. It is a stunning addition to the real estate of Pakistan. In order to avail the best of this project, make sure to secure your place in the Smart Cities. Moreover, JR Property will help you achieve this.

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