Lahore Smart City Latest Development Updates 2023


It is the second smart city in Pakistan, while the first Smart City is the Capital Smart City. Both are the projects of Habib Rafique (Pvt.) Limited and Future Development Holding (Pvt.) Limited. This project is located in the prime location of Lahore and can be easily accessible through different main routes. This society also connects residents to areas, commercial hubs, and recreational centers, making it an ideal place for modern living. Lahore Smart City’s Latest developments and Smart Features Updates are mentioned in this content for better understanding.

Lahore Smart City Prime Location:

Strategically located in one of Lahore’s prime areas, Lahore Smart City offers an ideal living environment for homeowners and investors. Therefore, its presence on the Lahore Bypass and the Lahore Ring Road ensures seamless connectivity to various parts of the city and beyond. Moreover, the project’s proximity to prominent landmarks, educational institutions, and healthcare facilities further enhances its appeal.

Lahore Smart City Prime Location

Owners and Developers:

It is a joint venture between two esteemed developers, Future Developments Holdings (Pvt.) Limited and Habib Rafiq (Pvt.) Limited. Besides their commitment to caliber, quality skill, and timely project delivery, these developers are renowned in the real estate industry. Furthermore,
the two companies are poised to set new standards in modern urban planning and lifestyle.

Lahore Smart City Owners and Developers

Facilities and Amenities:

Further, Lahore Smart City aims to provide a complete living experience with a host of world-class facilities and systems, including:

  • 24/7 Security and Surveillance
  • Gated Entry Points with Access Control
  • State-of-the-art Healthcare Facilities
  • Educational Institutions
  • Recreational Parks and Playgrounds
  • Community Centers and Clubhouses
  • Sports Complex and Fitness Centers
  • Commercial Areas with Shopping Malls
  • Underground Utilities and Modern Infrastructure
  • Smart Technology Integration for a Connected Lifestyle
  • Green Spaces and Landscaped Gardens

Lahore Smart City Development:

Lahore Smart City is a remarkable undertaking spearheaded by well-known developers renowned for their exceptional standing within the real estate sector. With a consistent history of delivering multiple real estate projects punctually, their reputation is a testament to their excellence. It thoroughly evaluates the actual on-ground advancement of any prospective investment project. If we look at the development work, in a short period this society has made great progress.

Furthermore, JR Property – an authorized sales partner – has consistently upheld the commitment to keeping clients well informed regarding the ongoing development of Lahore Smart City. Lahore Smart City has materialized into several noteworthy developments mentioned below.

  1. Carpeted Roads
  2. Mediterranean Villas
  3. Georgian Villas
  4. Street Lights
  5. Parks & Playgrounds
  6. Sector Mosques
  7. Cricket Grounds
  8. Schools
  9. Theme parks

These developments are merely pictures of the ongoing progress within Lahore Smart City. To gain a more comprehensive understanding, we invite you to explore Lahore Smart City, where you can see all the work in progress and their details.

Lahore Smart City Development


Lahore Smart City is a visionary urban development project that epitomizes modernity, sustainability, and community. With its prime location, smart facilities, and commitment to excellence, it is determined to introduce urban living in Lahore. hence, it serves as a blueprint for future smart cities worldwide. 

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