Capital Smart City Gate Precincts

Capital Smart City Gate Precinct


Capital Smart City is a state-of-the-art housing project located near the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. It is a dynamic and futuristic society that aims to provide a luxurious lifestyle to its residents. The project has already gained immense popularity due to its modern infrastructure, top-notch facilities, and prime location.

The Gate Precinct:

One of the most significant features of Capital Smart City is its Gate Precinct. The Gate Precinct is the first point of contact for visitors and residents entering the society. The primary entrance or the first district of Capital Smart City is the Gate Precinct. Upon entering CSC, you’ll encounter a luxurious area filled with greenery, sophistication, and modern amenities. It is aptly named the Gate Precinct. It has been designed to provide a welcoming and secure environment for everyone.

The Gate Precinct of Capital Smart City is a grand entrance that includes a spacious reception area, a security checkpoint, and a commercial area. The reception area is equipped with state-of-the-art technology that ensures fast and efficient processing of visitors. It also has a waiting area for visitors who need to wait for their host.

The security checkpoint is a critical feature of the Gate Precinct. It is equipped with modern surveillance equipment and trained security personnel to ensure the safety of the residents and their belongings. Every vehicle entering the society is thoroughly checked, and visitors are only allowed to enter after proper verification.

The commercial area of the Gate Precinct is home to various retail outlets, including banks, pharmacies, supermarkets, and restaurants. The commercial area provides residents with easy access to their daily needs and offers a vibrant and lively atmosphere.

The Gate Precinct of Capital Smart City is not just a grand entrance; it is a symbol of safety, security, and convenience. It provides residents and visitors with a warm and welcoming atmosphere, making it an ideal place to call home.

Gate Precincts Amenities:

Capital Smart City Gate Precinct is meticulously designed to offer an extensive array of amenities and facilities, making it a highly sought-after destination for residents and visitors alike. Explore the following key features that define the Gate Precinct:

Luxurious Hotels: Experience unparalleled hospitality at the 5-star hotel, boasting top-notch amenities and impeccable service. Additionally, there are 3-star hotels available, catering to diverse budget preferences.

Serviced Apartments: Enjoy a comfortable and private stay in luxurious serviced apartments, suitable for both residents and tourists. These apartments are available for both long-term leases and short-term bookings.

Offices: Facilitating corporate activities and fostering economic growth, the Gate Precinct offers modern office spaces ideal for businesses.

Commercial/Retail Spaces: Discover a variety of retail and commercial spaces, providing shopping and dining options for residents and visitors.

Pavilions – 200 Outlets: Explore 200 pavilions showcasing local artisans, craftsmen, and entrepreneurs, supporting small businesses and boosting the local economy.

Apartments/Mixed-Use Buildings: From lavish penthouses to contemporary apartments, the residential component ensures a luxurious and comfortable living experience.

Mosque: Find tranquility and solace at the central mosque within the district, providing a serene place for prayer and reflection.

Educational Institute: Avail world-class learning opportunities at the educational institute located within the Gate Precinct.

Recreational Park: Promoting a healthy lifestyle, the precinct features a recreational park where residents can exercise and enjoy quality time with their families.


The Gate Precinct of Capital Smart City is a reflection of the society’s commitment to providing a luxurious and modern lifestyle to its residents. It is a well-thought-out entrance that provides a safe and secure environment while also providing easy access to daily needs. It is a unique feature that sets Capital Smart City apart from other housing projects in the region.

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