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In the current era, sustainable real estate projects have become a crucial necessity. With a heightened awareness of environmental impact, individuals are seeking developments that prioritize sustainability while maintaining style and comfort.

Capital Smart City stands out as a luxurious real estate venture, distinguished by its infrastructure and pioneering status as Pakistan’s first smart city. Developed by HRL and FDHL, with the master plan crafted by Surbana Jurong, this project exemplifies a new era of sustainable real estate. This blog by JR Property covers the various districts that are part of this magnificent project.

Aviation District: Where Luxury Meets Innovation

Situated to the west and serving as the entry point, the Aviation District is a unique blend of mixed-use properties. Adjacent to the Islamabad International Airport, it offers facilities like the Aeroplane Restaurant, Flight Kitchen, Expo Center, Aviation Academy, Technology Park, Recreational Areas, and the picturesque Crystal Lake.

Gate Precinct: A Hub of Innovation

Located along the main boulevard, the Gate Precinct is a versatile area housing residential and commercial properties. Its green spaces complement the district’s vibrant atmosphere, making it an ideal investment destination within Capital Smart City.

Financial Square: Driving Economic Growth

True to its name, the Financial Square is poised to boost the country’s economic landscape. Hosting renowned brands and companies, it presents opportunities for sustainable economic activities, including offices for CPEC, banks, a Mega Mall, and the Qatar Financial Centre.

Healthcare District: Prioritizing Well-Being

The Healthcare District is a vital component ensuring top-notch health facilities for residents, including a 500-bed hospital, laboratories, and access to world-class physicians, reflecting Capital Smart City’s commitment to a high-quality lifestyle.

Education District: Empowering Minds

Promising state-of-the-art educational facilities, the Education District encompasses vocational institutes, universities, colleges, schools, a museum, research center, and libraries, catering to residents’ educational needs comprehensively.

Lake View Terrace: A Serene Escape

Nestled near the Chahn Dam, the Lake View Terrace offers breathtaking views and recreational amenities like restaurants, water sports, hotels, community clubs, villas, and terrace apartments, creating a tranquil yet vibrant living environment.

Capital Hills: Where Luxury Meets Nature

Surrounded by an 18-hole golf course and nature’s splendor, Capital Hills boasts luxurious amenities like townhouses, a banquet hall, clubhouses, and the Overseas Block, designed to cater to the discerning tastes of residents.

Executive Block: Harmony with Nature

Located amidst the Khairi Murat Forest, the Executive Block is designed for nature lovers, featuring jogging tracks, parks, recreational areas, residential apartments, and Hills View Heights, offering a serene living experience.

Hills View Heights: Luxury Redefined

Central to the Education District and Capital Theme Park, Hills View Heights combines luxury with residential excellence, featuring retail pavilions, residential towers, and a host of amenities for a sophisticated lifestyle.

Cultural District: An Homage to Tradition

Adjacent to Capital Theme Park, the Cultural District pays homage to traditional real estate practices, offering a blend of modern comforts and cultural richness, including a model village and upscale residential coverage.

Sports District: Thriving in Fitness

Ideal for sports enthusiasts, the Sports District offers top-notch facilities such as a Sports Academy, ICC Standard Cricket Stadium, pavilions, and indoor gaming zones, promoting an active and healthy lifestyle within Capital Smart City.


Capital Smart City is a testament to modern living, combining sustainability, luxury, and innovation. Understanding the diverse districts within the project is crucial for making informed investment decisions and securing a prosperous future within this dynamic community.

Capital Smart City is an ideal society. It would not be wrong to state that it holds a luxurious lifestyle within. It undoubtedly is a wholesome investment opportunity. In order to be a part of the Capital Smart City community and to secure your place in this opulent society, do not forget to contact JR Property at 033-111-111-62.

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